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Why do so many therapists struggle to build a full practice?

After working with hundreds of therapist all over Europe, here is what we noticed:

  1. Most therapists spend their time on outdated or ineffective strategies.

    “Getting your name out there” without a clear plan behind your actions guarantees that you’ll waste your time and see frustratingly few results.

  2. Most therapists don’t even know where to begin to market their practice.

    Confusion about what to do to grow your practice leads to inaction, which inevitably leads to struggle both personally and professionally.

    The old plan of “pass out cards”, “pass out brochures”, “harass doctors to see if they’ll send referrals your way” is about as dated as a black-and-white television, and the therapists that know this are blasting past those who don’t.

  3. Most therapists think “business,” “marketing,” and “sales” are dirty words.

    Your practice isn’t going to build itself.

    There’s a reason even the biggest companies pour huge amounts of resources into marketing themselves.

    Until you make friends with the fact that your practice is a business, marketing is important, and you’re doing “sales” every time you speak with a new prospective client, you’ll grow slower than you could or should.

  4. Most therapists don’t approach their practice with the mindset of an entrepreneur.

    If you’re in private practice (or want to be), you’re an entrepreneur.

    Welcome to the roller coaster! Why not ride it with the intention to be as successful as possible?

    Otherwise, you’d be better served just working in someone else’s group practice. And is working for a group or agency what you really want to do?

    Is that what you invested all that time and money for? To work for someone else?

  5. Most therapists don’t keep track of the key numbers in their practice.

    Knowing the key numbers in your practice is very easy – but so few therapists bother to pay attention to the numbers that make or break a practice.

    How much are you spending each month? How much money are you actually making (down to the penny)? What is a new client worth?

    If you are afraid to look at the basic numbers, that fear has you in a chokehold preventing your ability to help as many people as possible.

    As a business owner, hiding from the numbers makes as much sense as driving a car with no tires.

  6. Most therapists don’t have a reliable way of helping people find them and reach out for initial consults.

    Word of mouth is great – unless it’s all you have.

    Relying on word of mouth means you have no predictability and nothing you can actually control when you want more great prospective clients to call. No matter how many business cards you pass out, you never know whether you’ll actually get any calls.

    Fix this or continue to struggle with the uncertainty

  7. Most therapists frazzle straight into overwhelm with anything related to technology.

    The next-scariest word for most therapists after “business,” “marketing,” and “sales” is: “technology.”

    That’s why we show you how how to reach 6-figures without using technology.

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