Koosje Kosters has dedicated her life to giving to others. From donating to building schools and hospitals to supporting charities that funded 29,725 water projects for 8.4 million people around the world, Koosje’s actions demonstrate her belief that when we give more, we become more.

You’ve heard Koosje talk about three of her recent philanthropic projects: ‘Better Lives Foundation’ – ‘Charity:Water’ & “Operation Underground Railroad”. If you’re interested in joining her on her mission to forever eradicate extreme poverty, end the water crisis and stop child sex slavery during our life time; donate to these organisations via the links below. Take action today! 

Better Lives Foundation:

Your investment in yourself, your coaching sessions are helping to fund our free teaching hospital in Sierra Leone, West-Africa.

Do you know any surgeons, who would like to volunteer their time?
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