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Are you a mom entrepreneur struggling with stress?

My name is Koosje Kosters and I help business owners win the mental game using my proven 6 week system.

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How many days do you have left to change the world? We have 32.874 days between the age 0 and 90 years old.. That does not seem like a lot to me.. Life is far too short, how can you make sure, that you spend those days doing what you love..?

It is never too late to do things differently. We love helping our client’s live life on purpose with purpose – reaching your full potential. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, it is how we use them that counts..


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Dr  M. Sheikh

Simply put, Koosje is a professional. She has a very holistic approach and takes the time to listen and understand the needs (and goals) of her patients. I highly recommend anyone in need to book a session with Koosje to see what I mean. If you’re like me, you will find that in addition to noticing an improvement in your physical ailment, you will also improve as a person.

Dr Dhiru Mistry

Young lady with enthusiasm and zeal, who has got that BALANCED approach to her skills. She absolutely understands the harmony of soul, mind and body, she knows it is only when all the 3 aspects are dealt with in any illness or ailments, that the outcome can be successful. I saw her at work during a medical camp recently in Sierra Leone , Yonibana. She is a tireless worker with a smile.

Joseph Gale:

I first saw Koosje after tearing my ankle ligament in a XC race. Not only did she provide first class advice on rehabilitation but helped me to deal with the psychological impact of the injury so close to my target event of the marathon. Her support helped me to get back to fitness and still manage to achieve a PB time of 2hr 48min!

Since then I have had an operation on my shoulder and Koosje has again provided top rate support in helping me to recover at a faster than expected rate.

Her support goes beyond physical rehabilitation; our conversations have genuinely helped me to shape my thinking about many aspects of my life.

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How are you feeding your soul?

Do you have the tools to live up to your sole purpose in life?

What are your aspirations in live?

How do you want to get there?

Could you get there quicker if you had more insight, knew more strategies?