Changing Lives – One Brain at a Time.

Mental Wellbeing  –  Better Focus  –  Feel Calmer

Koosje Kosters commands over a consistent track record to help professional athletes, business people and individuals attain optimal performance. Achieving clearly defined goals by strengthening discipline, optimising overall health and amplifying their energies towards a positive and productive mindset.

Koosje, once a competitive basketball player and martial artist on an international level, has operated successful practices for almost a decade in Epsom, Surrey and Belgravia, London. She has recently returned to her native Amsterdam.


What can be measured can be improved.

The headset measures brain activity while the app helps in learning to regulate it, resulting in improved brain performance.

Once available only in highly specialised clinics, it is now available to everyone, at home.


The science isn’t new, but the technology is.

The Muse headband uses EEG sensors to measure brain activity and determine your current mental state, and present training games/videos that are influenced by real-time brain activity.

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How many days do you have left to change the world? We have a total of 32.874 days between the age 0 and 90 years old.

That does not seem like a lot to me. Life is far too short, how can you make sure, that you spend those days doing what you love?

It is never too late to do things differently. We love helping our client’s live life on purpose with purpose – reaching your full potential. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, it is how we use them that counts.






Koosje is a wonderful health, body and mind coach. Professional, caring and genuine she can always help me overcome any challenge that comes my way. Recommend her highly 🙂
I started working ith Koosje in December 2018, because I was struggling with my business and my energy levels. After working with her for 18 months, I am feeling healthier and more energised, I form business relationships much more easily and I feel optimistic about the future. Koosje has put me back in touch with my inner power and resourcefulness and has helped me to better understand human behaviour.


How are you feeding your soul?

Do you have the tools to live up to your sole purpose in life?

What are your aspirations in live?

How do you want to get there?

Could you get there quicker if you had more insight, knew more strategies?


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